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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What visitor data is collected by IVET system?
    The basic visitor data requested by IVET is the first name, last name , phone number (Required) and Company (optional). Based on the policies of the company a visitor is visiting, visitors may be required to provide additional information. The data collected is exclusively for the use of the company the visitor is visiting.
  • Who manages the visitor and host information collected by IVET?
    Unless otherwise requested by the companies, each company manages their own visitor data via a secured access control. This is to enable data protection and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  • What if I have an existing database of visitors who have visited my company? Is there any provision for importing it into IVET?
    Yes, provision has been made for the merging of an existing database of visitors and hosts into IVET to prevent any company data loss.
  • What if a visitor refuses to show or provide any form of identification for IVET?
    The company reserves the right to deny permission to visit their building or site; access may be revoked if the visitor does not comply with the company’s procedures and regulations or if the presence of the visitor is not in the best interest of employees or staff as determined by the building administration.
  • Does a visitor have to register each time they use IVET?
    No. During subsequent visits to a building, the visitor only has to use the SAME number used in registering the first time. In case of loss of that number, visitors will have to re-register when using IVET.
  • What happens when the panic button is clicked on IVET?
    An alert is triggered and a message is sent to all visitors currently in the building to warn them of any security threat and the caution to take.
  • Is there any form of reporting on IVET?
    Yes. IVET reporting enables companies to view:

    • A) Visitor Traffic - View visitors currently signed in and the visitor archive, showing visitor traffic across any date range in the past. Choose visitors by visit types and destination/host visited etc.

    • B) Time and Attendance - View time in/out and total time in the building for any date range, for a particular visitor and the employees they visited. Calculate total hours instantly. If available, display photos with sign-in/sign-out records.

    • C) Individual Visitor Information - View a particular visitor's traffic history in the building, including destination, time in/out, photo, and phone number information.

    • D) Traffic Analysis - View traffic volume (number of visitors) across a given day, date range or time range. Instantly see your busiest and lightest traffic levels.