Give your Visitors
the best Reception

Give up the visitor log book because visitor management has never been this easy! Collect visitor’s information, alert hosts and capture photos all from an intuitive tablet interface.

Let us manage your event attendance


Unique Sexy Smart

IVET is    Unique Sexy Smart

Manage Visitors

IVET manages visitors with a simple, friendlier and intuitive interface.

Verify Visitors

With our inbuilt verification, IVET verifies visitors through the use of a token.

Record Presence

Save time with instant host notifications that alert employees when their visitors arrive.

Host & Visitor

IVET makes the relationship between the visitor and host seamless through instant notifications.


IVET can be used in various office settings or setups.

Office Reception

This installation is for small and single space offices. IVET takes records of visitors to specific units/departments. It is kept out of sleep modality by being connected to a power source. Protection against theft is guaranteed.

office reception

Corporate Reception

The corporate installation serves as an intermediary between visitors and host department/floor/branch. This direct visitor-host interaction excludes the role of a human receptionist.

coporate reception

Flexy Offices

IVET manages visitors to FLEXY OFFICES where the occupants change rapidly and unknowingly to the receptionists. Flexy offices can create a unique technological and efficient environment with one or two IVET stands.

flexy offices

Building Reception

This is for residential buildings and condos where visitors are not always asked to release their details before entering the premises. IVET through the assistance of the receptionist and clearance by the host keeps unwanted visitors away.

building reception